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What JMS families are saying

We have been very impressed by JMS's responsiveness to the COVID-19 situation and the challenges it presents educational institutions.

We were alerted in late February that JMS had made contingency plans in the event that the school needed to close and that they would start a virtual school at that time.


Unfortunately, the school closing did not correspond to spring break, as it did for MNPS, and thus JMS had to only a weekend to get the virtual school up and running. JMS was up and ready to roll on Monday with the students only missing one day of school.

- JMS parent

The virtual school has provided an opportunity for the kids to learn about issues outside of the standard course material.


My son has learned how to set up and use Zoom, how to conduct himself when he is in a video conference call, and how to take responsibility for showing up to the classes at home.


My son has loved the experience of virtual school and I think it works particularly well with an established group of peers that are already in relationship.

- Lisa Richardson-Calfee

JMS is the perfect place for the middle schooler.


The children are academically challenged and emotionally nurtured.


The teachers take the time to get to know the the students as individuals so that each child can work to their fullest potential.


I am so glad we found JMS. There is no other school that fits the needs of my daughter so well. We feel blessed that we are a part of the JMS family.

- Ghenet Lee Yong

Nadav came to JMS from a foreign country and a foreign culture.  In JMS, Nadav experienced both personal and academic growth in many aspects.  


Personal values of responsibility, maturity, and achievement were embedded in the curriculum.

From a child who was bored by scientific concepts and was reluctant to learn, he turned into a curious boy who plans to be a research scientist when he grows up.

[He has been] exposed for the first time to a large range of literature that has broadened his understanding of culture and art. The exposure to children from different backgrounds has deepened and strengthened his own identity... and I am sure that this period in his life will be a platform for may future experiences.

- Dr. Ofra Klien Ben David

We strongly believe JMS is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our son. I am a former homeschool parent, and when we made the choice for our son to return to school, it was critical that we find a place that would offer a positive, open environment, free of bullying.


At JMS, our son has received very personal attention from the best teachers he’s ever encountered. He has gained confidence and grown academically and we really believe he is, and will continue to be a better person because of his years at JMS

- JMS parent

JMS has been a blessing to our family.


Our 8th grade twins are receiving instruction from wonderful teachers who truly care about the children and want to help them be prepared for and successful in high school. 


This year has been a [true] partnership with JMS in my children’s education with transparency in communication and accountability. 

- The Cribb Family

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