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Cheetah Champtions are activity-based classes that meet daily (Monday-Thursday) from 3:40-4:30 pm and are designed for JMS students and others outside the JMS community pending availability.  (Per conditions of safety during Covid-19, enrollment per class is capped at 10 students for all classes.)

All classes are optional and designed to be fun, instructional, and active.  In addition to lots of moving around, there will be a "fact of the day" to teach participants about teamwork, sports, and healthy living (with prizes!).

Classes begin Monday, August 24, 2020 and go until December 17, 2020.

The lead activity director for Cheetah Champions is Kristle Rutchow.  A native Nashvillian, Kristle has recently returned to Nashville after time in California attending school and teaching powerlifting and muscle-reconstruction stretching techniques.  Her specialities include cheerleading, dance, tennis, softball, personal training, youth/adolescent fitness, and a strong desire to make everyone feel amazing at any fitness level. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and kayaking with her husband and two dogs, exploring new vacation spots, and learning everything she possibly can about the human body and muscle movement!


Kristle Rutchow


Mondays: Kickboxing

Students begin by learning a variety of different punches and kicks as well as basic cardio exercises that coincide with kickboxing, such as jabs, crosses and front kicks. Once the students master the basics, they will transfer to using hand pads, making some games out of learning all of the techniques.  High energy fun!


Tuesdays: Coed Cheer and Dance

Not only will students learn and perform dance routines set to music to get the crowd on its feet, students will also master the fundamentals of cheer, including stretching, motions and jumps, and tumbling (learning cartwheels, round-offs, and hand springs). Pending the level of ability of the class, the instructor may eventually include stunts, and advanced dance routines.  Do not be fooled: this class is designed for both boys and girls who want to move and add core strength.

Wednesdays: Ball Days 

It may be flag football! It may be basketball!  It may be soccer, kickball, or a racquet sport.  If it's played with a ball, it will be played on Wednesdays.  Learn technique of various games while engaging in competition with your friends.  

Thursdays: Game Days

Game days are mystery days! To gain agility, there may be HIIT cardio/Xumba set to high octane music. Maybe it will be a big game of Capture the Flag, King of the Mountain, or working on different Track and Field events.  When was the last time you played Duck-Duck-Goose? 

Rainy Days: 

The fun doesn’t have to stop in the rain! We will move inside for socially distanced yoga, arts and crafts for school spirit, and/or watching videos to learn about both sports and legacies that athletes have made. 

Cost Structure:

Option #1: Pay by the class/drop in: $15 per class
Option #2: One class/week (approx. 17 classes): $225
Option #3: Two classes/week (approx. 34 classes): $460
Option #4: Three classes/week (approx. 51 classes): $700
Option #5 Four classes/week (approx. 65 classes): $900

Please sign up with the attached form.  Please email Jay ( or Alene ( with any questions.