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The JMS Cheetahs compete inside the athletic conferences in Nashville - as an independent school - at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity Levels. JMS currently offers the following sports (more to be added according to demand: 

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Basketball

  • Cross Country



JMS athletics are founded on teamwork and community.


As such, athletics are accessible to students regardless of their age or ability. There are opportunities for both elite performers and new learners. Each child has a place to belong in our JMS athletics program.


The Jewish Middle School of Nashville believes in shaping one's whole self.


A key element of this character development is growth through athletics and fitness. Our athletic program believes that sports - and the lessons embedded within them - provide an ideal platform to foster the behavior, integrity and work ethic for one's life ahead and how an individual becomes a caring member of their community.


Health and wellness are an essential component of our athletic program. 


Physical Education is offered 2-3 times per week. Students learn:

  • excellence is achieved through self-discipline, dedication, and focus - both in and out of the classroom,

  • competition and teamwork go hand in hand, and

  • learning skill sets of various sports and working together as a team increases performance.


Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to engage in various physical activities including strength and weight training in our world-class fitness studio. 

In the fitness studio, students can:

  • exercise on the cardiovascular equipment,

  • learn how to gauge workouts using metrics such as heart rate and perceived exertion, and

  • learn resistance training and other water exercise in our full size pool.

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