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At Jewish Middle School of Nashville, we believe the Arts serve as a powerful opportunity for self-expression. Our students have opportunities to choose from a wide range of options for artistic expression, including music, painting, and drama.

The Arts are part of the core experience for our students, with a focus on learning about their own self-expression as well as understanding the expression of others. In this class, students will have opportunities to take risks, see the world through multiple lenses, hone their understanding of themselves and better reflect on and respond to the world around them.

At the end of every school year, we hold an Arts Festival to celebrate the ways in which the arts infuse every part of our curriculum.

The Arts

Social life in the middle school years is an incredibly crucial and informative time in our children’s lives. Our commitment to our children has a profound impact on their social, emotional and cognitive growth.


Our research-based approach takes into account the value of mentors and role models, the importance of building smaller communities of learners, as well as a flexible, personalized and interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on active and meaningful learning.


Our students will have opportunities to not only interact within their middle school community but will interact with other children their age through various projects in school and out of school.


Students will help build their community by taking active roles in decision making regarding their own learning experiences, as well as the community of learners and the greater community around them.

Student Life

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