Dear friends,

At the Jewish Middle School of Nashville, we are excited to provide our students with a rich academic cultural, and social experience.

There is so much about JMS that we are proud to share: small class sizes with true differentiated learning, collaborative projects that energize and empower our students to work as teams, field trips throughout the semester for on-site learning and exploration, a diverse social life emphasizing emotional depth and values, and a school environment where the students are encouraged to bring their own vision and creativity to the table each and every day.

In short, our mission is to deliver an unparalleled middle school experience for your child -  and we look forward to welcoming your family to our school community.


Saul Strosberg


JMS serves the Nashville area with a nurturing educational environment that embraces the Jewish people's love of learning and commitment to repairing the world in which we live.  Our families have a wide range of beliefs, affiliations, and observances, but share common core values that define our community. 


809 Percy Warner Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37205





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