The Judaic studies program at JMS emphasizes text study and continues to strengthen Hebrew language skills, while applying them to the depth and richness of Jewish thought and belief.


The study of Talmud (the Oral Torah) examines classic rabbinic and medieval Jewish texts in the context of contemporary society, emphasizing the applicability of Jewish practice to our students’ lives and the wisdom that Jewish thought can offer to the issues of the world.


The Hebrew language curriculum teaches Hebrew grammar and composition use in the study of Bible as well as contemporary Hebrew literature. Our students will deepen their study of Tanach, focusing on the Books of Deuteronomy and Samuel, and delve into the classic and contemporary biblical commentaries.

*For graduates of Jewish Day School, JMS provides a challenging and inspiring program of studies that includes Tanach, Toshba, and Machshevet Yisrael. 


JMS serves the Nashville area with a nurturing educational environment that embraces the Jewish people's love of learning and commitment to repairing the world in which we live.  Our families have a wide range of beliefs, affiliations, and observances, but share common core values that define our community. 


809 Percy Warner Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37205



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